Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tumbleweeds and Food Security

Happy New Year/ Bonne Année/ Buon Anno!
My first post of the new year is arriving a little late, as the new year has brought me plenty of work.

I was back in my home town for a good month and a half near the end of 2010, which presented me the opportunity to volunteer with an excellent organization, The Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC).  The KFPC, established in 1995, has emphasized public education on food security issues as well as concrete food system projects, such as the very successful Community Gardens. The KFPC acts as an umbrella, providing an opportunity for project and advocacy groups to co-ordinate their work.  The council includes members from a multitude of different backgrounds and disciplines: dieticians, horticulturists, organic farmers, agrologists, chefs, and any concerned citizens interested in food security.
One of the main projects I worked on while in Kamloops was to apply for a social grant from the City of Kamloops to get the author of Public Produce , Darrin Nordahl, to come to Kamloops to help spur the citizens and city council to include edible landscape within public spaces in order to increase the food security in the region.  Edible landscaping is an amazing concept of turning unused or underutilized space into free public produce, I highly recommend  reading Mr.Nordahl’s book!

The KFPC is an essential part of Kamloops and in my opinion a nessessary part of any city/borough.
Please check out the website we created for more info about the KFPC and food security.

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