Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 3 - Live Below The Line

Day 3. I got over my caffeine withdrawal which was nice, but started to feel the effects (mood wise) of not being able to snack or have fresh vegetables (salad, I miss you). I did however try out a new recipe which I was pleasantly surprised with! Check out my Live Below the Line page.

Here is a breakdown of Day 3

Breakfast:  Oatmeal but without the molasses(goodbye calcium!) and ½ banana.  I felt like more protein, so I increased the peanuts, and had to cut out the banana and molasses.  :/

Oatmeal Breakfast
3/4 cup Oats

60g peanuts

Cal ~568  Protein ~25g  Vit.C ~0%DV  Vit.A ~0%DV  Calcium ~5%DV  Iron ~22%DV

Lunch:  Filling and pretty tasty :)

Polenta w/roasted chickpeas
665g chickpeas

372g corn meal

1.5L stock


Total per serving (4)
Cal ~766  Protein ~39g  Vit.C ~0%DV  Vit.A ~2%DV  Calcium ~24%DV  Iron ~49%DV

Dinner:  Same as Day 1 & 2 but with ½ a hot chilli pepper(couldn’t eat the whole, too hot!).  It’s a good thing I really like split pea soup...

Split pea soup
788g split peas

4L stock


Total per serving (6)

w/bread slice

w/ 1/2 chili pepper
Cal ~592  Protein ~41g  Vit.C ~55%DV  Vit.A ~4%DV  Calcium ~8%DV  Iron ~52%DV

Days totals
$~1.66 + 0.05(for spices) = $1.71 (under!)
Cal ~1900(increased!)  Protein ~96g  Vit.C ~55%DV  Vit.A ~2%DV(oops!)  Calcium ~37%DV 
Iron ~123%DV

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  1. You are so dedicated to the challenge this week, super proud of you Rob!